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What can I deduct from the Rent 2022-2023 of the purchase of an apartment

There is little more than a month left before the Income and Wealth campaign for the 2022 financial year begins and many taxpayers are finalizing the collection of documentation and information for the preparation of the draft. In this sense, as of April 11, the annual Personal Income Tax (IRPF ) declaration can begin to be processed electronically at the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency, available at this link .

However, those who wish to prepare the draft by phone must wait until May 5, always by appointment, while face-to-face service at the Administration offices will begin on June 1.

If during the fiscal year of 2022 you have acquired a property, what tax deductions are you entitled to? Can the mortgage be deducted? It should be remembered that one of the main conditions to be able to apply a deduction for the mortgage of our home is to have formalized the loan before January 1, 2013.

What expenses are deductible 

This is how the Tax Agency explains it, and it is that the deduction for investment in the habitual residence was abolished on this date. On the other hand, the mortgage cannot be deducted if it was contracted for the purchase of a second residence, a vacation home or to buy an apartment that has subsequently been rented to other people, remember from HelpMyCash . 

Another of the requirements to apply the deduction for the purchase of a home is that it be your habitual residence. Likewise, a deduction must have been applied to deduct the mortgage in the fiscal year of 2012 or prior. 

If you cannot deduct your home for not meeting the requirements, there are other amounts that are also deductible. As the  Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) recalls , contracted insurance, such as home or life, can also be deducted in the statement.

You can also deduct the fees that are paid each month to the bank for the loan, the mortgage opening commission , notary, agency or appraisal expenses, the cost of the deed or the cancellation of the mortgage.

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