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The pensioner who beat early retirement: “I retired at 56 and 106% of my salary”

Social Security offers the possibility of retiring early. In some cases, when the worker involuntarily loses his job, he can request retirement at age 61, but certain requirements must be met.

But it is more infrequent to do it much sooner, in this case at age 56, and even more so if it is done not only with the total pension, but with more than what in principle would correspond.

The Noticias Trabajo media outlet  tells the case of JA Vargas, a man from Almeria, who lives in the coastal town of Roquetas de Mar, who has managed to retire with 106% of his pension, at the age of 56.

The key to his case is that as a child he suffered a serious illness (poliomyelitis) that caused him physical problems that he carried over into his adult life, and which worsened as he got older.

“I worked in the City Council of my municipality and it was the colleagues themselves who told me that I could retire from that age if I had a degree of disability equal to or greater than 45%. Mine was high, 60% when I applied retirement ,” says Vargas to Noticias Trabajo .

“I went personally informing myself to see if the possibility of retiring early so long in advance was true, although I had already completed 37 years of contributions at that time ,” he says, and indeed, he verified that it was possible.

Vargas took advantage of Royal Decree-Law 1851/2009, on the early retirement of workers with disabilities equal to or greater than 45%, which allowed him to start collecting a good pension. “Look if I benefited from this regulation that my disability allowed me to retire at 56 years of age and with 106% of my salary ,” he says.

“Yes, I received 100% of the pension that corresponded to me without the General Treasury of the Social Security applying any penalty or the reduction coefficient that would correspond to me, as it does with those who receive early retirement,” adds Vargas.

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