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The #1 benefit of content marketing for your business

For several years (even more since the global pandemic), content on the internet is presented as THE way to develop your business. And we can not say the opposite. It works. So why rely on this technique? And especially what is the main advantage of content marketing ? This is what we will see in this article.

Content marketing, kézako?

Before I tell you all the reasons to create content on the internet to promote your business, a little vocabulary point.

Content Marketing (or content creation) is a strategy based on sharing relevant and quality content to attract your audience and convert them into customers. Thanks to this method, no need for advertising to develop your visibility. You can strengthen your brand image, establish your expertise and demonstrate your skills organically.

We often associate content marketing and social networks. However, these are not not the only communication channels you can use to create content. Writing a blog article, sending newsletters, publishing videos on YouTube or even recording podcasts are all ways to reach your ideal client and provide them with the information they need.

To sum up, a well-worked content marketing allows you to discover your activity, build a relationship of trust with your audience and then sell your products or services (these are the 3 phases your audience goes through).


The #1 benefit of content marketing

If you discover my blog for the first time, you may not know: content marketing is my area of ​​expertise. Since the launch of my professional activity, it is the only method I use to find clients. Today, 99% of my clients become so thanks to the content I create on my various communication channels. And I support entrepreneurs committed to attracting their customers and selling naturally through this.

The benefits of content creation are many:

  • Increase the visibility of your business
  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Strengthen your brand image / personal branding
  • Engage in conversations with your audience
  • Regularly (and almost automatically) generate leads to your services or products
  • Etc

But there is a main advantage that explains why content marketing is THE solution to sell more easily and naturally.

Create a bond of trust with your audience

By offering quality digital content on your communication channels, you bring value to your future customers.

They encounter problems. You give them solutions through your content.
They experience a blockage. You allow them to pass.
They experience fears. You offer them keys to counter them.

Thanks to your free content available on the internet, your potential customers are progressing in their journey. You offer them small pieces of the puzzle so that they can start assembling it. In this way, your audience identifies you as an expert in your field. And especially, they are already seeing results.

Conclusion : when they’re ready to hire a professional, they’ll choose you. Because they will have already sown seeds thanks to you. Becausethey trust you.

And today, no trust, no sale.

Without content strategy, no results

Presented like this, content marketing seems like an easy and quick way to find customers. Yes but no.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, content creation is a strategy. This means that it is not enough to post on Instagram, write blog articles or send newsletters to convert your audience into a customer. To see results (therefore find customers and sell), there is no secret: you needa solid content strategy.

  • Concrete business foundations
    A vision for your business. A different positioning. An offer for sale. A well-defined ideal client.
  • A precise editorial strategy
    Identify the communication channels to use. Define the content themes to be addressed. Determine the editorial line to adopt.
  • A related sales strategy
    Offer content with high added value. Engage in conversations. Be proactive with your content. Identify and trigger opportunities.
  • An adapted publication rhythm
    Know how to organize to be regular without exhausting yourself. Plan its content in advance to stay consistent. Plan so you don’t get overwhelmed.

It is all these elements that will allow you to sell thanks to your content creation. If one of the cogs is missing, the machine does not work.

You got it, content marketing is a solution to consider for your business if you want to find more customers. The advantages of this method are numerous. However, it is not about making content for making content. If you want to get results from it, it is important to do it with care and strategy.

That’s what I help many entrepreneurs do. And today, they find customers naturally and without forcing thanks to content marketing! If your content isn’t bringing you the results you’re hoping for, book a call so that we can take stock together.


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