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Sell ​​with authenticity: find customers without forcing

Selling is the sinews of war when you start a business. No sales, no money. No money, no business. Except that selling is not innate when you start your own business (I speak knowingly). Often, we are afraid to talk about our services or our products. We don’t want to disturb. One is anxious to pass for a merchant of carpets. What if I told you that it was possible to sell with authenticity? Without forcing. Without abusive marketing techniques.

It’s the way I’ve been selling for years. Naturally. By being comfortable and confident. And that’s what I also teach the members of my group coaching. In this article, I will share with you some keys so that you too can sell with authenticity.

Accurately identify the problems of your ideal client

The sale is done by two. Your ideal client has a problem he wants to solve. You have the right solution. You are not trying to sell a service or a product to someone who has no use for it. (if so, you can stop reading this article, because you are not selling with integrity). You give an opportunity to your ideal client. Then the choice is his.

With this basic postulate, you understand that to sell naturally, you need to know precisely the problems of your ideal client.
Spoiler: saying that your ideal client needs a website because you are a web designer is not enough. Dig deeper to understand it better.

How do you want to bring him the solution that suits him if you don’t know what he wants? It’s going to be complicated !

It is the first step to sell without forcing : have an offer (of service or product) that meets the expectations of your ideal client. If what you’re offering him ticks all the boxes on his bucket list, why wouldn’t he choose your solution?


Talk about transformation in your free content to sell with authenticity

When you know your ideal client well and you have created an offer that enchants him, he still needs to be aware of its existence. This is often the part we dread the most: talk about our product or our service. Nevertheless, it’s not optional !

Your ideal client is not a diviner. It’s not up to him to figure out how you can help him. It’s your role. The solution is in your hands. It’s up to you to show him that she’s made for him.

This is when online content creation really comes into its own.

No matter what communication channel you choose (social networks, a blog, a podcast, a newsletter, etc.), you will be able to talk about your offers naturally. Not by showing its characteristics. By highlighting the transformation that your ideal client will experience.

You don’t buy a product or service for what it contains. We buy it for what it makes us live.

I’m Apple team (reconditioned of course). Do you think it’s for the processor that I preferred a MacBook to an Asus? Nope! It’s for the emotion. For belonging. For how I feel when I see my computer.

It is the transformation that your offer brings that you must share in your free content. You will be able to offer new knowledge to your ideal client. Allow him to solve his problem a little by providing him with pieces of the puzzle. Thanks to your content, he will get to know you. He will trust you. Then he will want to take action and work with you.

Disclaimer: This last paragraph is a very quick summary. If you really want to sell with authenticity through your content, it requires a solid content strategy.

Engage in conversation with your audience

Knowing your ideal client and talking about your offers is the basis. But let’s be honest. If you wait for us to take the first step towards you, you will wait a long time.

You have published content. A person came to interact. The ball is in your court. It’s up to you to take the next step.

  • Ask questions to your audience

If someone leaves a comment under one of your posts, don’t just thank the person. Go further. Try to get to know her better. Take an interest in her.
If you’re on Instagram, use stories and engagement stickers to ask questions. When someone answers you, continue the conversation in private message.

  • Discuss in private message with your audience

All occasions are good to encourage your subscribers to exchange with you in private. It’s easier to open up and get to know each other.

You do not sell your products or services to robots. You will work with humans. And even the shyest of us needs to feel connected with others. We are a social animal.

Talking with your audience is the best way to sell without selling.
Personally, it is a sales technique that I use on a daily basis. And without a second thought.

I open the discussion with my audience. I get to know them. When appropriate, I mention my offers. And I sell naturally, without forcing. Because the person in front feels heard (and she really is). Because I offer her a solution that answers the problem she told me about.


Testimonial from a customer who bought following a conversion with me.

Disclaimer: Do not engage in conversation with the sole purpose of selling. That’s not how you sell with integrity. Just talk to the person. Take an honest interest in her. You will know if there is an opening to talk about your offers. And if not, don’t force it!

Take care of the people who are interested in your activity to sell with authenticity

You can sell by being yourself and without using fear marketing techniques. No need to press traumas to sell. Taking care of your audience works just as well.

This notion of care must be absolutely everywhere in your business if you want to sell naturally. in your content. in your customer relationship. in your offers. Your business is built on your relationship with your ideal client. It is important to take care of it.

You pamper the people you love, don’t you? For me, it’s the same degree of attention for your prospects and your customers. You won’t sell with authenticity without this dose of humanity.

  • Check in regularly with your prospects

It may seem a little pushy to write to people who could become your customers to hear from them. If you do it with sincerity, I promise you it won’t. On the contrary, these people will be touched and happy that you are interested in them. Don’t start the conversation with the idea of ​​selling. Just, discuss. The rest will or will not happen. But taking care of your audience, you create a real bond of trust. And without trust, there is no sale.

  • Don’t forget your customers once they have taken out the credit card.

Your customers are your best ambassadors. Or your worst critics. Getting the credit card out isn’t that hard if you know how to do it (or if you’re using questionable techniques, but what are you still doing here if you are?). Retaining your customers is another story. Take care of them, listen to them, ask about them, give the best of yourself (and a little more), it will help you sell without forcing. Because they will be happy to recommend you around them.

Take care of the people around you as you would like to be taken care of.

You have understood it, selling with authenticity and without forcing on the internet is possible. Provided you put your person. Because to sell naturally, you have to give with receiving. And do it without a second thought. By being sincere and transparent.
If you feel the need to be accompanied to succeed in selling without selling, make an appointment with me to discuss it.


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