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PlayStation Plus Extra: 10 nuggets to do absolutely

The PlayStation Plus got a facelift in June 2022. Three formulas are now available, all with their advantages. The classic, now dubbed Essential, offers access to multiplayer features in addition to the trio of monthly “free” games. The PS Plus Extra offers a whole catalog of games that continues to grow, when the Premium formula is accompanied by great classics and copious trial versions in addition to all the advantages mentioned.

Having a choice can be both a godsend and an ordeal. In total, more than 700 games are available with PS Plus Extra and Premium , with dozens of new additions monthly. A list in perpetual evolution, with great games, recent blockbusters, like small pearls of the independent scene. In the indie games department, the bewitching Tchia could be the next nice surprise of the year. Players will be able to discover this trip to New Caledonia as soon as it is launched on March 21 as part of their PS Plus Extra and Premium subscription. 

A choice of the ideal king to discover new experiences. And while there’s no shortage of recent big games, with a certain Horizon Forbidden West headlining, PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscriptions hide some of the best indie titles of recent years. To help you find the rare pearl, here is our selection of 10 PS Plus nuggets not to be missed. Of course, this assortment is only a tiny sample of the possibilities, because it has already been difficult to choose. Titles like Terraria, Hotline Miami 2, The Forgotten City or Child of Light were not selected for lack of space, but not forgotten. 

Exceptional promotions on all PlayStation Plus plans

Before getting to the heart of the matter, we would like to point out that now is the time to crack. Sony has just launched attractive new promotions on all formulas. For non-subscribers first, who can get 1 month of PlayStation Plus at a reduced price from March 3 to 5, 2023. The PS Plus Essential costs €1 (instead of €8.99), the Extra €3 (instead of €13.99) and Premium at €5 (instead of €16.99). Existing subscribers can take advantage of 35% off the upgrade to Extra or Premium. However, the amount will vary from one user to another, the passage to the next level being calculated on a pro rata basis. The parenthesis closed, place now for your future favorites.


A cat and cyberpunk, how not to put Stray in the list of PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium games not to be missed? The title follows an adorable rufous feline separated from its family and lost in the middle of a forgotten cyber-city. Unraveling the mysteries surrounding this place and returning home will be no small feat, since this inhospitable place is full of dangerous creatures and droids. He can count on his companion B12, a flying drone as cute as it is practical. It won the coveted ‘Best Indie Game’ title at The Game Awards 2022 not only because of its cute kittens and the viral videos that surrounded its release. Its unique and poetic atmosphere, its well-rehearsed gameplay and its endearing characters won over players and critics alike. A captivating ride to try urgently.


Celeste is one of those indie games you rarely see. Behind its little retro face hides a title of unparalleled generosity both in terms of its gameplay and its content. A must-have for platformer lovers featuring an adorable character with fiery hair in the grip of anxiety attacks, who must climb Mount Celestial to face his inner demons. Beyond its sympathetic narration, its touching story, its sumptuous tables and its masterfully arranged levels, the game reaches heights above all thanks to its gameplay. Reflexes and requirement will be required to overcome these delicious trials. Do you have trouble with movements that are too complex? No problem, Celesteoffers the more timid to try climbing with many accessibility options. No excuse to miss this incredible experience. 

Chicory : A Colorful Tale

If you’re looking for a cuddly and relaxing game in your PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium subscription, Chicory A Colorful Tale is for you. Zelda-like pure juice, the player must restore its colors to the small kingdom of Picnic with only a magic brush as a weapon. A charming artistic adventure where ingenious puzzles, well-thought-out boss fights, inventive mechanics and touching writing come together wonderfully for a few sweet hours. Behind her pretty childish face, Chicory has things to tell and conveys them with rare kindness. A comforting, clever, accessible game with a real personality that will appeal to both adventure seekers and budding artists.

Dead Cells

Reference in the oh so competitive arena of roguelites , Dead Cells is a small French jewel. Play as the Prisoner, a being who can take control of human bodies. An abundant resource on this fetid island plagued by endless torture that the newly resurrected being intends to exploit to escape from his jails. Very demanding in its first hours but never frustrating, Motion Twin’s game intelligently combines a well-thought-out level-design, a framed procedural generation, epic bosses, an addictive progression system, nervous gameplay and sumptuous artistic direction. A divine marriage between roguelite and metroidvania, which has continued to improve since its launch thanks to ever-richer content extensions. The next to date, an exceptional collaboration with Castlevania. 

Outer Wilds

Another award-winning indie game in the PlayStation Plus Extra & Premium catalog. Video game UFO, extraordinary experience, there is no shortage of superlatives to describe Outer Wilds . When he wakes up, the player learns that the solar system he is studying will explode in about twenty minutes, destroying all the surrounding planets at the same time. Thus begins a time loop full of mysteries, which becomes ever richer with each reset. To say too much about this spellbinding concept and what makes it such a standout experience would be to spoil a few nice surprises. So we will just recommend it to fans of original games. To those who wish to have stars in their eyes, go for it!

The Messenger

We do not leave retro lovers on the floor. Ninja Gaiden lovers who would like to rediscover its sweet flavors, The Messenger is for you. While a demon threatens to raze his village, a somewhat dull ninja must bring a vital parchment for the survival of his family to the most eminent members of his homeland, hidden far away to the east. As in the days of his illustrious role model, the hero runs, jumps, climbs and slices with precision. What begins as a simple demanding platformer quickly gives way to an epic through time combining danger, humor and surprises. A little gem in 8 and 16 bits that commands admiration with its well-oiled gameplay and its wealth of good ideas. 

What Remains of Edith Finch

It’s hard to talk about the real gems of the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium catalog without mentioning one of the biggest hits on the independent scene in recent years. What Remains of Edith Finch is a real gem that manages to break the codes of the genre thanks to its inventive game design. A short, poignant and tragic adventure that tells a pile of little stories around the former residents of a house that is believed to be cursed. A game with brilliant narration and staging that never ceases to surprise as much as it amazes. You won’t soon forget it.

Hollow Knight : Voidheart Edition

If you don’t understand why fans are feverishly waiting for Hollow Knight Silksong even if it means slamming their best genkidama at each event, it’s time to launch the first game. PS Plus Extra and Premium catalog. This goldsmith crafted with just six small hands has become an absolute reference in terms of metroidvania . This success, Hollow Knight owes it to its singular and captivating universe, its memorable 2D artistic direction, but also to its catchy, nervous and unforgivable gameplay. A masterpiece of great generosity and gargantuan lifespan, since inflated with extensions included in the Voidheart edition.

Spiritfarer Farewell Edition

Touching, poignant and relaxing at the same time, Spiritfarer is a real cocktail of emotions. At the confluence of several genres, this cozy experience marvelously mixes management, exploration and platform. We embody Stella, the new soul ferryman responsible for guiding a gallery of colorful deceased to their final home. Before they arrive at their destination, the new recruit must get to know them in order to be of service to them. It passes a whole bunch of mini-games, upgrades to its craft, and terrifically written dialogue. Don’t be fooled by his little face full of charm and spirit, Spiritfarer will make you shed a few tears. Keep a box of tissues nearby just in case.


Action-RPG with pixel art of the most beautiful effect, Moonlighter had created the surprise when it was released in 2018. In this Spanish game, a simple adventurous merchant dreams of being the hero of his own story. This good old Will must nevertheless manage his shop planted in a small quiet mining town, where the heroes, the real ones, go to get supplies. Travel through several dimensions, explore dungeons filled with treasures and fight creatures more ferocious than each other in this small pearl cleverly mixing management simulation and dungeon crawler. A game that harbors ingenious gameplay ideas carried by a neat and charming artistic direction. Since its release, Moonlighterreceived numerous content updates and fixed bugs and balancing issues present at launch. A rich and improved experience that we warmly recommend to fans of the genre.


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