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Planning your content: the best way to be regular

There is a problem that comes up very often when you want to create content on the internet to develop your business. We want manage to publish every week without exhausting yourself. Sound familiar? So good news, it’s totally possible! And the best way to do this is to plan your content on the long term (at least, for 1 month).

Be careful, plan what you are going to share on your different communication channels is not just about filling in boxes in a calendar ! Regularity is very important. But before wanting to be constant, there are some preliminary steps. This is what we will see together in this article.

1 – Know what to say

I see a lot of entrepreneurs put the cart before the horses.
Absolutely want to post several times a week on social networks. Pressure yourself to be consistent. And find themselves helpless in front of their publication schedule.

You don’t start by planning your content.
We first think about what we want to tell and share.

  • Identify your ideal client

Your content is aimed at your target. If you don’t want to run out of ideas and make sure you’re relevant, it’s essential to know your ideal client well. It’s not for nothing that we harp on your ears with this notion. The more you know your audience, the more easily you will be able to create content.

  • Choose the communication channels you use

You are not going to communicate everywhere. Even less when you are just starting out. Before thinking about your publication frequency, you will have to choose where you want to be present and know where your ideal client is.. You have no interest in scattering yourself and creating content on all the channels that exist.

  • Define the content topics you cover

As you do not speak to everyone, you do not tell everything and anything in your content (especially if you want to use them to find clients). By identifying 4 to 5 major themes, you will be able to mix the topics you cover while keeping consistency.

  • Find your editorial lines

Every communication channel is different. And you are not going to approach your ideas in the same way depending on which ones you use. Having an editorial line per channel will allow you to create content faster, because you will know how to share your ideas.

  • Know the journey of your audience

Before becoming your client, a person will go through several phases. She will find you. Then get to know you. Trust you. And eventually, take action. Knowing what your target is going through will help you organize your content ideas to accompany them along the way..

All these steps make part of your content strategy (which I accompany you to set up during my group coaching). Without these elements, you will have a hard time coming up with ideas to fill your editorial calendar..


2 – Find the rhythm that works

Create a publishing schedule (or editorial calendar) will help you post every week. But it is not a miraculous tool! Before setting it up, it’s best to find the rhythm that works best for you.

Because let’s be honest, producing content regularly takes time, energy, and self-discipline. SO, before rushing headlong, we ask ourselves the right questions.

  • How much time per week (or month) can you dedicate to your content creation?

Your content is important to your business. But creating content is not your main activity. Stop wanting to impose a rhythm of publication “because you have to”. Instead, ask yourself what you can do without overflowing your schedule. The idea is not to twist your time around your content, but to fit your content into the time you have.

  • How often can you post?

You should answer this question only when you know how much time you want to dedicate to your content. If you can give 2 hours a week to this task, you won’t be able to post 5 times on Instagram, write 1 blog post and release 1 podcast episode a week. The time you have, determines the number of contents you will publish. Not the opposite.

  • When is the best time to create your content?

Preparing your content is not your job. So I strongly advise you to block out a time when you are at your peak of productivity and concentration. We do not do a complicated task, which requires energy and brain juice when we are already at the end of our rope! If you feel more responsive and efficient in the morning, that’s when you need to produce your content.

There’s no magic formula to getting organized and saving time creating content. It’s up to you to find the recipe that works best for you. On the other hand, if you want to publish every week, there is no secret: your content must be a priority in your to-do list. Stop finding all the excuses in the world to push him away.

3 – Plan your content to be regular

When you know what to say and you have determined the rhythm of publication that works best for you, you will be able to plan your content to be regular! That’s where your (future) comes in best ally: the editorial calendar.

  • Choose the form it will take

You can use the tool you want to make it your publication schedule : an Excel table, a database on Notion, a calendar on Click Up, a table on Trello. In short, what corresponds to your overall organization.

  • Use your content to serve your business

You do not create content for the simple pleasure of sharing. You do it with a specific purpose. Planning your publications makes sure that each of your content serves your objectives. 1 content = 1 idea = 1 objective = 1 call-to-action at the end. If not, it’s not good content. (not if you publish with the objective of attracting your ideal customers and selling your offers in any case).

  • Make sense of your content

Your content is like puzzle pieces. Separately, they are not enough to identify what you are doing. However, assembled together, they form a visible and understandable image. By planning your content in advance in your editorial calendar, you will be able to check that they fit together well. Your message will be relevant and coherent.

  • Have a long-term vision

To be regular, nothing better than to know where you are going. And that’s exactly what planning your content will do for you. Thanks to your publication schedule, you no longer wonder what you will be able to post, you already know it. It’s noted in your editorial calendar. You only have one thing left to do: produce the content you have planned.

Posting every week without exception (or almost, you have the right to take vacations or breaks) is within the reach of all entrepreneurs who want to create content regularly. And you understood, the best way to do it is to plan your content in advance.

If you no longer want to publish randomly and understand how to plan your content in your editorial calendar, I invite you to download my video tutorial.


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