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Pibank raises the remuneration of its flexible deposit to 2.5% APR

Pibank, the online bank of Banco Pichincha, has raised the remuneration of the Pibank Deposit from 2.01% to 2.52% APR since Monday , thus anticipating the ” foreseeable rise in interest rates scheduled for before the summer by the ECB”, as explained by the entity in a press release. 

“Being a flexible product, it can be canceled early when necessary , also allowing partial refunds of the initial investment without losing interest on the amounts not withdrawn and, in addition, with quarterly interest payment.”, explains the company. 

For example, consumers who choose this product for their savings of, for example, 25,000 euros, will be able to achieve up to 625 euros of annual gross profitability . 

Like all Pibank’s savings products, ” it has no limit on minimum or maximum amounts and does not require any additional commitment from clients, and can be contracted by both new and existing clients”. 

The Pibank Deposit can be contracted 100% online , in just a few clicks, through the website or the app, and customers can also seek advice at their offices in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia and Zaragoza.

According to Narciso Perales Dominique, its general director, “for Pibank to be the bank that suits customers at all times, our products have to adapt to market conditions and even anticipate, as we are doing with this rise in the interest rate of the Pibank deposit at 2.52% APR”.

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