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Managing your content creation: 4 habits to adopt

Creating content is cool. Creating content without feeling overwhelmed is even better! To get results, it is not enough to simply post. You have to be able to be consistent. And that, it requires a good organization to manage its content creation without difficulty.

I have been creating publications for several years. I accompany many entrepreneurs to find their way of doing things. There is habits to adopt that greatly help to have a healthy and fluid creation process. That’s what I’m going to share with you in this article!

Habit #1 for managing content creation: finding the right time to create

When creating content is not your main job, you often tend to put it last. Result, we take care of this task when our energy gauge is already very low. Bad idea.

Let’s be honest, even if you love creating content sucks energy. So getting started when you’re almost empty requires even more.
👉 You’re not at the top of your creativity. You still want to make your content “because you have to”. You spend twice as much time as expected doing it. You’re not even entirely satisfied with your work.
It’s the snake biting its tail.

This is one of the things I repeat to the people I accompany in my group coaching: find the right time for you to create your content.

And that good time isn’t when you’re at your wit’s end.
The right time is when you have juice, brains and creativity.

Personally, I start every week by creating content for my social networks. Then I dedicate a morning (usually Wednesdays) to write my newsletter or my blog article depending on the week. Because those two moments are my peaks of creativity and energy. I never do content in the afternoon, for example. I know I’m not focused enough for that.

To better manage your content creation, it is essential to ask yourself this question: At what time of the day and week am I most creative and focused? It is during this period that you should focus on your content.


Habit #2: block a slot in your calendar

The second habit to not suffer your content creation is closely related to the first.

You may not be making your content a priority. If you don’t have the objective of finding customers and developing your business through this, no problem. However, if you want to sell through your content, it can’t be at the bottom of your to-do list. Nor be postponed for lack of time.

We all have 24 hours in our days.
People often ask me where I find the time to do all the content I offer you.
I can not find it. I take it. Because my content is my way of finding clients. It is a priority in my business.

Once you know your best time to create your content: block this time in your calendarevery week (or month if you batch all your content at once).
And especially, don’t blow it up under any circumstances!

This is YOUR time to share your message and make your voice heard. It’s just as important as the other tasks in your business.

Habit n°3: plan your editorial calendar every month to better manage your content creation

There is a question that often comes up: how to have a good organization to be regular in its content? My answer is always the same. Adopt the editorial calendar. It’s my best ally to help me organize my content.

At the end of each month, I take an hour or two to plan what I’m going to tell the following month. I set my goal. Then I think about the content to be done to achieve this objective. In this way, I know very precisely where I am going with my content for the next 4 to 5 weeks.

No questions to ask me when creating. No risk of a blank page. Less mental load. More coherence and relevance in what I share.

It’s a real time saver to plan your editorial calendar every month. When your block of time dedicated to your content creation comes, you know exactly what to do. You know what subject you are going to talk about. You know on which platform and in which format. You just have to give way to your creativity.

Habit n°4: programming your content

Last habit to relieve you in your content creation: schedule your posts once they are ready.

Planning your content in advance is great. Preparing them at the right time is great. But there is still the online part. You can do it manually (and unfortunately, for some formats on social networks, we have no choice). Only, it requires thinking about it. SO, it adds mental load. And when you’re an entrepreneur, you have enough!

For example, I post a video on Instagram every Wednesday. I could program it with the paid version of Swello (even if it plays a little on visibility). I prefer to publish it manually. What happens 99% of the time? I realize in the middle of the day that I forgot to post it (that’s exactly what I’m realizing while writing these lines by the way). Imagine if I had to think of all my content like that?! My brain would be cluttered with hubbub.

So for the rest of my content (Instagram and LinkedIn posts, blog articles, newsletter, Pinterest pins), I program them once they are ready. In this way, they post automatically at the time I choose. And me, I have only one thing left to do: connect and respond to comments if there are any.

Save time, save energy, save brain!

To manage your content creation with serenity, it is important that you find the organization that suits you and that you adopt certain habits. Set the right time and stick to it by blocking this time into your schedule. Plan your future content and schedule it to make your life easier. Or, create templates or recycle your old content to save time.
If you want to use this method to attract your ideal clients and grow your business, it’s up to you to make it a priority in your life as an entrepreneur. And the more you have a precise process, the easier it will be to be regular without suffering.


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