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How to convert your audience thanks to its content?

When using content marketing to grow your business, we have one goal: to convert our audience into a customer. Only posting and waiting is not enough. Content creation is not a sprint. It’s a marathon.

A person who discovers you is not going to take out their credit card in the minute to buy from you. She will first cross a path. It’s your role to guide her so that she moves forward with you. Your content is there for that: to transform a stranger into a client. And for that you have to create publications that respond to each stage of their journey. This is what we will see together in this article.

The essential to convert your audience: knowing your ideal customer perfectly

Above all, to convert your audience into a customer, it is essential to know your ideal customer perfectly (yes, I still get you drunk with this notion!). Their problems, their needs, their desires, their blockages, their fears, etc. It is thanks to this knowledge that you will be able to offer impactful content.

Keep one thing in mind: like every human being, your ideal client is self-centered.

He needs to feel seen, heard and understood to want to take action. He will never buy your services or your products if he does not feel concerned by what you share.
Yes, this is your content. Yes, it helps you achieve your goals. But you do not publish for yourself! Your content is there to help your ideal client.

If you want to convert and sell, start by stopping making content that concerns you.
Make content that speaks to your audience.

And suggest posts that help her get to you!


Step 1 with your content: attract new people

To sell, you must first let you know. And so, attract new people.

This is the acquisition stage..
That’s when your ideal client discovers you.

Your ideal client is having a problem. He doesn’t know how to fix it.
So he starts researching. He wonders. And he discovers one of your contents.

It caught his eye, because you speak very clearly about the problem he is facing. You explain the situation in which he finds himself. In a few minutes, he recognizes himself in what you share. Curious, he will read your other content. He appreciates what he finds there. And he decides to subscribe to have more keys.

A few hours ago, he didn’t know you.
Now he’s part of your audience.

Doing acquisition contentyou allowed your ideal client to take the first step towards you: tdiscover and become a lead.

Disclaimer: A person who is unaware of their problem is not your ideal client. Because he doesn’t try to solve what you solve.

2nd step to convert your audience: create a bond of trust

Your ideal client knows you. He is aware that his problem can be solved. But you’re not going to convert him into a client right away. Because he must be sure of himself before taking action.

This is the relationship and trust stage..
It’s the moment when he will get to know you and decide if your solution is the right one for him.

Disclaimer: this part can take 1 month or 1 year. Each person will go at their own pace.

Your ideal client reads (listen or watch) your content regularly. You often bring him concrete solutions to the problems he encounters. You give him tips he can apply quickly. Sometimes you push him to think. Then, you show him your personality, your story, your values. He feels a connection with you.

By dint of being in the presence of your content, it identifies you as an expert.
He feels more confident to take action.

Thanks to your trusted content, your ideal client is moving even further along his path. He went from a cold lead to hot leadon the verge of being converted into a customer.

3rd step: convert thanks to your content

Your ideal client has known you for more or less a long time. He likes your content. And you gave him confidence in you. You have created a link. NOW, he must take action.

This is the conversion stage.
That’s when you go turn this person from your audience into a customer.

Your ideal client knows that you have a solution for him. He understood that she was adapted to their needs and desires. To convince him to really take action, you show him the results of your offer. Through your content, he concretely visualizes the transformation he can experience with you. You’re going to explain to him how it’s going, what he can expect from your collaboration. You go reassure him by showing testimonials from your past clients.

He has all the elements he needs to feel confident.
He takes action.

Thanks to your converting contentil become your client. He went all the way to get to you.

Without the 3 steps, no conversion!

Your audience does not miraculously turn into a customer. It’s your role to help him through your different content. So, it is essential that your content responds to these different phases.

If you only make content to attract new people, your audience will grow. On the other hand, you will not create a bond of trust. And you won’t want to take action.

If you only make trusted content, your audience will love you. On the other hand, you will not find new people or convert your audience into a customer.

If you only do conversion content, you will look like a billboard. Your audience won’t take action because they won’t trust you.

Depending on your objectives, your content will allow you to make yourself known, to create a link with you or to take action. If a phase is missing, the virtuous cycle of content creation breaks. And you, you no longer turn your audience into a customer.

As you have understood, to convert your audience thanks to your content, it is not enough to publish what goes through your head. It’s your role to accompany your audience on their way to bring them to you.
Content marketing is a great way to find customers. But you have to do it with strategy and intention. This is exactly what I accompany you to do in my group coaching, Morphose. I guide you step by step to create content that looks like you, attracts your customers and allows you to sell naturally.

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