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Charlotte Labee reveals her rituals for a healthy brain

Do you suffer from fatigue, a short fuse or a hunted feeling? Then you have a good chance that your brain is overstimulated. Brain Balance Expert Charlotte Labee, author of the book ‘Overstimulated Brain’ , shares with Healthy at the table the daily rituals that keep her brain in balance. 

  1. To write

Daily writing takes Charlotte to her subconscious. This makes her feel calmer, it lowers her stress and she feels more comfortable in her own skin. She writes down things that make her happy and that she is grateful for. In addition, she notes her learning moments of the day.

2. Walking

Charlotte walks in nature for at least 45 minutes every day. That makes her brain quiet and calm. If she skips her walk, she immediately notices that she is overstimulated faster during the day.

3. The right nutrients

Taking supplements daily, which are tailored to her body and specific needs, ensures that Charlotte can function optimally with her brain. Her nutrient needs vary from day to day and she adjusts her diet and supplements accordingly.

4. Meditation and yoga

By meditating briefly (3 to 5 minutes), Charlotte quickly calms her brain. She meditates for several minutes several times a day to keep her breathing, nervous system and brain in balance. When she has more time, she likes to practice yoga.

6. Meaning

For Charlotte it is very important to follow her passion and do what gives her meaning. It is her mission to create greater awareness of the importance of a healthy brain. With her book ‘Overstimulated Brain’ she hopes to create more well-being for her fellow man.

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