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Alien: the new movie is on the way, directed by a master of horror

The next Alien movie will soon begin filming and will be directed by a master of horror and suspense. We finally know some of the cast.

After lots of aborted projects, the Alien franchise will soon return to the small and big screen. An Alien series is indeed in production and should tell us a story drastically different from the original films. The plot will take place on earth and should put the human first.
The feature film scheduled for theatrical release will opt for a very different genre from the series. And we could well have the right to a quality horrific comeback.

Alien Romulus, the revival of the franchise?

This ninth film of the Alien license  (if we count the Aliens vs Predator ) will indeed be directed by Fede Álvarez to whom we owe the very good (and very gore) remake of Evil Dead  in 2013, the bloody  Massacre Chainsaw  ( Netflix , 2022) as well as the excellent horror thriller  Don’t Breathe . A director gifted for horror, gore and suspense. Everything the Alien franchise needs to start on the right foot. Álvarez will also be able to count on the support of Ridley Scott, the father of the franchise, who will be on the project as a producer only.

This new Alien film , previously known as Alien: Romulus , should nevertheless offer a relatively different approach from the other films in the license. The emphasis should indeed be on the xenomorphs and above all, the plot should be much less philosophical than  Prometheus  and  Covenant , and less heavy-handed than the original quadrilogy.

A Facehugger at summer camp

Fede Álvarez’s feature film will focus more on youth. It is said that the film will introduce us to a group of young adults lost on an unknown planet and hunted by the famous xenomorphs. They will then have to fight for their survival.
It’s a rough description, yes, but that’s all there is to it for now.
In the casting, we will also find young faces that we have already seen everywhere. Starting with Isabela Merced, who we have already come across in Sicario 2 , Sweet Girl (with Jason Momoa) or even in the live action adaptation of Dora the Explorer . She will be accompanied by Cailee Spaeny ( Pacific Rim 2 , The Craft), Archie Renaux ( Shadow and Bone , Morbius ), Spike Fearn ( The Batman ) or even the little new Aileen Wu, who has only one short film to her credit.

If we do not yet know when this new Alien film should be released, filming will begin in Budapest next week.


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