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4 mistakes that plague your content creation

Like many entrepreneurs, you have no doubt chosen to use content marketing to find customers and grow your business. I can only approve of this choice! Because I love creating content. And because it’s thanks to him that I find 99% of my clients (and my clients too).
Except that content marketing is not glitter and unicorns. Posting on Instagram or writing blog posts is not enough to get results.
During my discussions with committed women entrepreneurs, I noticed common mistakes in their content creation. And we will cover it in this article. With solutions to remedy it, of course!

Mistake #1 in content creation: you don’t know who you’re talking to

I know, again, a piece of article on the ideal client! Sorry, but it’s the basis of everything. In your activity. And even more in your communication.

Everything is in the definition of the verb “to communicate”: to convey something to someone.

Communicating is done in pairs.
The person who shares their message (you).
The person receiving the message (your audience).

You realize the problem if you don’t know who you’re talking to: you don’t communicateyou are doing a monologue.

To avoid this error:

Accurately identify your ideal client.
Learn to know their needs, their desires, their fears, their brakes, their dreams, their ambitions, etc.
Don’t just find out if it’s a female, 30, living in a big city.
And above all, go confirm your assumptions by going to meet him. Have a face-to-face conversation with your ideal client. He is the one who has the answers to your questions.


Mistake #2: Your content is self-centered

When you start creating content, you go headlong. We post what comes to mind. We share what we like. And we forget, the most important: the person who receives our message. (Yes, mistakes in content creation are often tied together).

You don’t know the difference between what’s important to you and what’s necessary for your ideal client.l.
Result: your audience does not feel concerned by your publications.

It’s the easy trap. We focus on our activity, our expertise, our offers. Because we think that our content is there to serve our business.
It’s the case.

Except that your content is not there for you. Nor on you.
Your content is made for your ideal client. To help him solve his problems.

The solution for your content creation:

Focus on the right person: your ideal client.
Think of him when you do your content.
Ask yourself the question: what will it bring him?
What will he leave with after reading your content: Information? An advice ? A feeling ? A way forward?

Find the commonalities between what is important to youwhat you want to defend (this is what we work on during my free challenge) and what is important to your ideal client. It is on these subjects that you will support your communication.

Mistake #3: You post low quality content

If your content isn’t giving you the results you want, it’s probably low quality. I’m not talking in terms of writing or visuals. I’m talking about the substance of your content. Often, you stay too superficial.

And you make Wikipedia content!
Content where you share definitions or evidence.
Posts that don’t reflect your personality or expertise.
Posts that everyone could do and bring you nothing more.

Doing smooth, go-anywhere contentyou inject not enough value.
Result: your audience does not feel concerned and it does not give them confidence in you.

To counter this problem:

Don’t be afraid of share a lot of information, advice with your audience.
You didn’t become an entrepreneur for nothing. You know your job. You know how to help your ideal client. Let him know. Show him concretely.
And above all, allow yourself to show your personality in your content. The more you are yourself, the more your audience will identify and connect with you.
Disclaimer: it does not mean sharing all your private life!

Mistake #4: Content creation without strategy or consistency

Ah, the strategy! This scary term. This mountain that seems so difficult to cross. This thing that we push away as long as possible. But let’s be honest. 99% of entrepreneurs who cannot find customers with their content publish without a strategy.

However, it is the essential element to offer relevant, coherent content that helps you develop your business.

A content strategy is no more and no less than a plan.
Know what to say, to whom, when and how.

An architect does not build a house without first drawing a plan.
So why do you continue to publish content without having a well-defined strategy?

I could talk to you about hours of strategy (it’s kind of my job and what I’m helping you to put in place)but here are some things you can work on right now.

To resolve this error:

The knowing your ideal client is the foundation of your content strategy. You’re talking to him.
And it will help you identify topics to discuss in your content. Then you will be able define the stages of his journey with you (I let you read the article on this subject) to transform your audience into a customer.
Once your message is clear, there remains the part organisation : define the rhythm that suits you, plan your content in line with your objectives and succeed in being regular.

These mistakes in content creation are common among many entrepreneurs. Maybe you do some of them too. And that’s okay! Content marketing is not your job. It can be learnt. Now you have something to improve your publications.
And if you want to work in depth on your content strategy to make sure you reach the right people and sell without forcing, book a call with me so that we can make a point together.


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